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Clinical consultation


I work as a partner with International Gene Clinic and the Inherited Disorders of Connective Tissue Clinic, offering clinical and genomic diagnosis and counselling for range of inherited conditions, including:


  • cardiovascular diseases, including arrhythmias, cardiomyopathies and aortic aneurysm syndromes

  • connective tissue disorders, inlcuding Ehlers Danlos syndrome and Marfan syndrome

  • endocrine diseases

  • adult onset neurological disorders, including Huntington's disease and cerebellar ataxia

  • familial cancer syndrome

  • neurofibromatosis

  • male infertility

  • chromosome disorders

  • haematological disorders, including haemoglobinopathies, haemophilias and coagulopathies

I am a keen advocate of comprehensive, fast turn-around DNA tests to obtain a diagnosis as efficiently as possible. Tests might include single genes like BRCA1 or BRCA2; panels of genes or more comprehensive analyses such as clinical exome sequencing.  I can also offer pharmacogenomic testing to advise on drug safety.



I am able to offer clinical consultation at the following locations:


To discuss or arrange an appointment, please visit the IGC website or the IDCT website for details or contact me directly using the contact form.

Teaching, education and industrial consultancy

As you'll see from my CV and some of the projects I have been involved with, I have a strong interest in education - if you wish to discuss a project or a need for customised teaching, please get in touch using the contact page.
You'll also see that I am happy to work with industrial partners, particularly in the biotechnology sector around education and clinical pathways. Feel free to get in touch.
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