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"I don't even have the words to thank Dr Brennan for taking the time to consider my case and complex health history.  I have never felt more safe and supported than I do now, I am very grateful."


"Impressed with this doctor's impeccable manners. Explained everything to me in a way which I could understand. No medical jargon."


"The best doctor I have seen since my diagnosis."

"Excellent bedside manner, felt completely at ease. Comfortable and confident with him. Felt he was extremely understanding and empathetic."


Dr Paul Brennan

32 years in healthcare

22 years as an NHS Consultant Clinical Geneticist

13 years as a Director of clinical & laboratory services

25+ years experience as an educator

"I think that Dr Paul Brennan's lectures were awesome."


"A gene-ius lecturer with great sense of humor. The ability to explain complicated genetic concepts in the most simplest way to students, especially those that do not have much background on this topic."


"Changed my point of view on genetic testing applications."


"Dr Brennan led one of our small group sessions, and I particularly learned a lot from him."


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